Our big ideas are driven by big data.

Prospectors used to go out in search of oil using their gut and a dowsing rod, and they wasted a lot of time and money. Today, prospectors strike oil nearly every time they drill because they use satellite imagery in addition to sonar, gravity, magnetic, electrical and seismic data. Consistently striking pay dirt with earned media campaigns require no less data and useful tools.

Each of our clients’ industries has vast, complex and unique digital ecosystems. Consequently, impactful earned media campaigns are often equally as complex and unique. To determine how best to promote content within a given industry requires an extensive understanding of the influential digital media, blogs, communities and social influencers that exist within it, as well as their personas and the types of media they love.


It used to be that marketers ran on “hunches” about content that might connect with prospects, but we’re way beyond that now. Our consultants and analysts – “math men,” as we like to call them – leverage the world’s largest sample set of online consumer search and behavior analytics to provide timely, accurate insights into your most profitable buyer personas. They glean big data intelligence from billions of social shares and millions of websites to gain in-depth knowledge on the online media these personas frequent and the types of content they consume and share.

It’s this research that allows us to create and deliver the most prudent and amazing content to the most targeted audiences where they reside online, thus optimizing profitable consumer behavior quickly. Properly researched earned media campaigns can not only deliver results in the quarter they’re deployed, but can continue to drive qualified traffic and conversions for years after placement and promotion.