We believe earned media is the new advertising.

Ensure your content reaches its intended audience on search engines, social media and the blogosphere with our digital PR services.

The Internet is a conglomeration of virtual tribes and communities, each with a cause and passion. It’s a social setting full of real people searching for solutions to real problems and causes to believe in. Most wish to be empowered with the knowledge to solve their own problems and seek enabling online communities. This stands in stark contrast to being inundated with non-relevant commercial messages.


So, the first rule of being digitally relevant is to market like a magnet and not a sledgehammer. Marketing online with a sledgehammer repels both people and search engines away.

Marketing like a magnet naturally attracts people seeking the knowledge and solutions you possess – attract enough people and you have a true online community full of passionate people who believe what you believe. To do this requires a commitment to creating and sharing amazing, problem-solving content on a regular basis.

Once this commitment is made four core elements must be considered. Our earned media delivery model, and the key to maximizing traffic and conversions, is made up of these core elements:

  1. Research
  2. Creative
  3. Promotion
  4. Conversion

Our earned media delivery model is engineered to drive enough highly converting referral traffic to provide a return in the same quarter. It’s also designed to drive long-term converting traffic by winning over the mechanical hearts of the many algorithms that sit between your customers and your content. Our digital PR strategies drive measurable returns while keeping you digitally relevant.