Meaningful Return

Our goal is a meaningful return in the same quarter – and beyond.

At digitalrelevance,TM we know that marketers enjoy thinking in the long-term, but businesses live by the quarter. This is one of the largest challenges for Internet marketers. Visionary marketing strategies, such as building active online community, often drive unparalleled results over the long run, but struggle to provide immediate results. This can lead to awkward boardroom discussions, and we all know what that feels like.

Effective earned media campaigns solve this problem by driving measurable returns the day promotion is started. Earned media placements on online media outlets, blogs and communities start driving significant quantities of relevant prospects immediately. Contrast this against a traditional link building campaign for SEO where the links aren’t meant to drive relevant traffic, and you’re stuck watching your search engine rankings for months waiting for the slightest movement.

Meaningful Returns

Earned media is a “best of both worlds” solution. A primary goal of our earned media campaigns is to start earning media placements in the same quarter the campaign begins. These media placements drive traffic immediately from relevant links and social media, but still drive search engine traffic for years to come. This is what we mean by driving a meaningful return in the same quarter and beyond.