We are passionate about creating a unique culture for our employees, as well as making sure that we bring the right people onto the team.

To find this talent, we take the recruiting process very seriously. It’s our belief that the right career opportunity is a 2-way street, and we want to make sure that both digitalrelevance™ and our applicants find the best match.

Our recruitment process typically consists of three steps:

Step 1: Submit application online.

Our application process includes five position-specific questions that allow us to learn even more about the applicants.

Step 2: Two phone interviews are conducted.

The first one is with HR and the second is with the hiring manager. These phone interviews offer the perfect opportunity for both parties to ask questions and better understand each other and the position.

Step 3: On-site interviews.

Our on-site interviews are approximately a half-day long. We have our final candidates meet several people on our team. We even take each of our candidates out for peer coffee, where they have the opportunity to engage in a laid-back conversation with employees within the department they’re interviewing for.

Do you think you have what it takes? Apply online today!