Multi-touch attribution models – these aren’t your granddaddy’s conversion metrics. The standard way of measuring conversions is changing as inbound marketers now have the tools available to measure ROI properly without investing too much time or resources. For example, free tools like Google Analytics’ Multi-Channel Funnels feature make it quick and easy to implement attribution modeling without having to learn any advanced software or programming.

Attribution modeling is a simple way to assign credit to all marketing channels along the path to a conversion, which include organic and paid search, referrals, direct visits, email marketing, and other forms of Internet endorsements and advertisements. Different models can be used to measure ROI depending on specific business needs and marketing strategies, as Mike Pantoliano clearly illustrated in his 2012 Mozcon presentation.

To study the advantages and effects of using attribution models to measure client success, Slingshot SEO recently released an eBook, which includes:

  • An overview of multi-touch attribution and the benefits of using common single-touch and multi-touch models.
  • A quick assessment to provide insights into which models are most relevant to your needs and goals.
  • Our Multi-Touch Attribution Study, which analyzed 30 client domains and over 23 million unique online conversions with over 150 million touch points.
  • A step-by-step guide on how you can implement multi-touch tracking on your website using the free online software, Google Analytics.

You can download the Multi-Touch eBook here.

The graphic below illustrates some of the findings from our study and provides an overview of some of the different attribution models commonly used by inbound marketers.

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Multi-Touch Attribution Infographic

Allison Steele
Allison Steele was formerly Senior Graphic Designer at Slingshot SEO. Allison has spent her career developing brands with effective messaging and great design. With a passion in photography, Allison is always pursing her creative side.
Allison Steele

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  1. Nice work! Love your R&D department! And your infographic makes it so much easier to explain. Keep up the great work!

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