Last week, Instagram launched new video functionality to compete with Twitter’s fast-growing video service Vine. Magnificent 15-second, completely editable and non-looping video has since invaded the stream of filter-loving photographers everywhere. Steven Spielberg wannabes, rejoice!

Making the Decision: Which is right for your company?

In an industry where the quick-change is just a way of life, choosing the best marketing outlets can be as complicated as learning another language. With companies recognizing and utilizing social media as a key marketing tool, new companies are popping up every day all over the social media map. vine-logo

With the latest update in the smartphone industry creating yet another marketing outlet, companies are facing another fork in the road. Take the left turn and use Vine, an app that “wowed” the world in six seconds, or turn right and use Instagram, the already popular photo-editing and -sharing app. If you’re a company, big or small, which do you choose?

Before making the choice, you should understand what you’re getting yourself into.


Don’t let the name fool you; Vine doesn’t take a lot of time to cultivate. Designed for quick six-second flicks, Vine enables users to cram as many clips as they can into a six-second video frame. Finding massive success in the snappy stop-motion genre, Vine can be great for creating quick teasers that leave audiences wanting more.

Instagram instagram

There’s nothing instant about Instagram video. With this “artsy app” allowing users to now create a 15-second video with various editing tools, the “filter adding comfort zone” Instagram users have become accustomed to carries over into video.

Choosing which outlet is best for your company’s content is never an easy decision. In this case, deciding what image you want to associate your company with could be the answer. Think about what your company stands for, its culture and the type of solutions it offers:

  • Are your employees in shorts and T-shirts or suits and ties?
  • Do you cultivate a community of trend setters or trend followers?
  • Are you purveyors of pop art or high art?
  • Ultimately, do you associate your business with quick consumption or a sophisticated lifestyle?

If you notice your company flourishing in the quick consumption market, Vine could be for you. Dig into the “flashy” aspect and develop from it. If you’re community is full of trend setters and the fashionable elite, Instagram looks good. Take advantage of those extra nine seconds and artistic filters to create content your “artsy” audience will appreciate.

Making the “right” choice between Instagram and Vine won’t guarantee you success, but it can get you started in the right direction. What matters, of course, is what you do with it, and companies will create some amazing video marketing clips with both platforms. In fact, they already have. Who have you found on Instagram and Vine who are pushing the tools to their creative limits? Who’s doing it right?


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