As usual, marketers and Super Bowl fans everywhere are buzzing about the best ads of one of the most watched sporting events of the year. Here are our top ten Super Bowl XLVII reflections:

11 » Marketing that Scores a Touchdown: the Best #SuperBowl XLVII Ads »
While advertising may be a four-letter word in the inbound marketing industry, we all look forward and welcome the interruption-based marketing that surrounds the Super Bowl. However, slowly but surely, even old advertising is coming around to this inbound marketing concept. Check out these ads and how inbound marketing tactics contributed to their overall success.

22 » Super Bowl Blackout: CBS Scrambles, 49ers Rally (Almost) and Advertisers Worry »
It was  the most unexpected situation of the Super Bowl when the lights went out at the Superdome and every marketer that spent millions of dollars on second half ad spots feared their worst nightmare. Check out how marketer’s used an unexpected situation to their advantage and how it actually turned out for those with ads later on in the game.

33 » How Advertisers Made The Super Bowl Power Outage Work For Them »
While it may have been nerve-racking for marketers who paid millions of dollars on a Super Bowl ad, marketers who were on standby with their social media accounts made the most of the unexpected second half blackout.


44 » How Oreo Won The Advertising Super Bowl With A Single Tweet »
Want to command the attention of millions of Super Bowl viewers? Be ready at all costs to react when an unexpected circumstance occurs. This is how Oreo won the advertising Super Bowl, not with a million+ dollar ad, but with a single Tweet.


55 » Who Won the 2013 Social Media #SuperBowl? #Infographic »
There were millions of conversations on social media platforms during the Super Bowl. These conversations can reveal many lessons for brands, especially those directly involved in the Super Bowl. ExactTarget put together this infographic to show what topics were discussed the most and who won the social media Super Bowl based on social engagement.

66 » How Oreo Got That Twitter Ad Up So Fast »
When the lights went out during the Super Bowl, several brands did not hesitate to take advantage of it through Twitter. The most successful one is Oreo’s quick response that “you could still dunk in the dark”. But with a brand of that size, how were they able to create and approve an ad and still get it up in time to be relevant? Find out how Oreo prepared to take advantage of any opportunity.

77 » Hack the Hippocampus: Memory Principles for Ads »
While there may be some ads that premiered during the Super Bowl that we wish we could forget (looking at you, GoDaddy!), there is a reason why some stick with us the next day and others we never recall. Check out this article featured on LinkedIn explaining the different parts of an ad that make it memorable.

88 » Oreo Super Bowl Spot Attracts Thousands of Instagram Followers »
Twitter wasn’t the only social network to receive attention during the Super Bowl. Oreo took advantage of the opportunity to increase its Instagram following too. Find out how successful Oreo was and what the brand could have done even better.


99 » Game Over: Twitter Mentioned In 50% Of Super Bowl Commercials, Facebook Only 8%, Google+ Shut Out »
Twitter took the cake when it came to social mentions in big brand’s Super Bowl commercials. This proves that marketer’s are realizing that Twitter is the perfect platform for real-time conversations, especially during one of the world’s most popular sporting events. Brand’s are able to spread their message a lot further and a lot longer than just with a 30 second ad spot. Check out which big brands took advantage of this and why Twitter was far superior than any other social network.

1010 » Coke’s Online Super Bowl Had Mixed Results »
You may recall Coca Cola’s Polar Bowl campaign that actively engaged Super Bowl fans in real-time during the game. Like many others, I looked forward to seeing how Coca Cola was going to top it this year. Mashable explains why this year’s campaign was not a home run.


What else did you find memorable about Super Bowl XLVII?


Emily Bailey

Emily Bailey

Marketing Coordinator at DigitalRelevance
Emily Bailey is the Marketing Coordinator & Social Media Manager at DigitalRelevance.
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey

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