In the wake of National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, many of us are shamefully looking at the empty Thin Mint boxes sitting on our counter. Some may already be returning to our original cookie source, asking (for a friend) if they still have cookies available. But we’re not just hooked on the cookies: we’re hooked [...]

Biz Stone and his entrepreneurial cohorts finally launched their much-hyped Jelly app last Tuesday. Couched in feel-good language, this free mobile app (available for Google Android and iPhone) uses images and questions to tap into “the experience, inventiveness and creativity of the human mind” like a search engine. What is Jelly? Equal parts Quora, Twitter [...]

When you think of industry in Indiana, you might think of agriculture or manufacturing – but the word “tech” probably doesn’t come to mind. That’s because Indiana has historically been considered a flyover zone for people traveling to tech companies on the coasts.

Credit cards have served for many years as the convenient alternative to cash. Sometimes, however, we realize we’re going to need cash for a particular outing, in some cases because a small business that doesn’t take credit. Perhaps this reluctance won’t always be the case.

It’s been a few weeks since I received a tweet from Google to join their Google Glass Explorers program, and quite a bit has happened since then. Thought leaders in tech are exchanging ideas about how Glass can revolutionize everyday life and developers have begun to receive their devices and are hard at work on new apps [...]

What a multi-screen world we live in! We might watch a basketball game or shop online with our smartphones while checking our email or playing a game on our tablets. Not only are people moving between multiple screens on smartphones, tablets, computers and television, but we are also using multiple screens simultaneously to accomplish tasks. These actions describe the [...]