I’m back with another post of movers and shakers to follow on Twitter. Let’s keep rolling through cool Slingshotters worth following and why they will bring value to your Twitter stream. Don’t be shy – follow them, introduce yourself, and make a new twiend!

Not sure how to approach these rad tweeps? Use the conversation starters to make it easier.

Slingshotters on Twitter

Marty Muse (Client Success) @MartyAMuse: Marty is passionate about many things including Marketing and his clients! He’s smart and encourages his team and clients to remain cutting edge when it comes to SEO tactics and strategies. He is an avid golfer and family man. He also enjoys traveling. Marty shares great content with his network to keep them in the know about industry changes and insights.

How to start the conversation: What is your favorite local golf course?

Kimberley Greuel (Client Success) @kimberleyanne: Kim is a Senior Client Success Manager at Slingshot SEO and has been with the company for over three years. She is into knitting and crafting; she is also my go-to resource for all things tea. Kim works hard to stay on top of industry shifts and can be counted on to share relevant information with her network. She is also a dogmom with a soft spot for all things whimsical.

How to start the conversation: What is something cute Spoon did this week?

Angeline Tran (Development) @ngtranpurdue: Angeline works hard to ensure any and all bugs within Slingshot SEO’s software are addressed and fixed. She does more than Software Quality Assurance for Slingshot SEO; she also helps with the graphic design of Infographics! She is known around the office for her infectious joy. Word on the street is that she also dabbles in web design.

How to start the conversation: What graphic design project are you currently working on?

William McCallister (Sales) @WrMcAllister: William works closely with the Director of Sales on a variety of projects. He is currently a student at IUPUI studying Communication Studies and Marketing. I absolutely love the positivity of his Tweets and can count on him for encouragement. Did I mention that he blogs in his spare time? William is also the first person ever to successfully Rick Roll Tracy Morgan (our Human Resources Generalist)!

How to start the conversation: Tell me more about your involvement with @BuzzMktgGroup.

Austin Cobb (Management) @acobberson:  Austin oversees a team of Search Media Networkers. He is great with research and finding solutions to production problems. He also played guitar for Kids in The Way (a really cool band) and runs his own guitar pedal building business. He’s a newlywed and one of my go-to people for new music.

How to start the conversation: What kind of music does your band play?

Happy tweeting!

Leah Beatty

Leah Beatty

Manager of Search Media Networking at digitalrelevance
Leah Beatty is a Manager of Search Media Networking at digitalrelevance. She has been featured in the PR News newsletter and published on Search Engine Journal, and is a foremost expert on Internet memes.
Leah Beatty
Leah Beatty

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