If you’re one of the nearly 650 million active members of the Twitter community, you have almost certainly wondered how to get more followers. Unfortunately, though, many commonly accepted methods for attracting new followers involve a great deal of persistence and some spammy practices.

Online TV fandom came together to mourn when it was announced that NBCUniversal (NBCU) would be shutting down its recap site (TWoP) on April 4th. Founded in the late 1990s and bought by Bravo in 2007, TWoP helped shape the way audiences watch TV and share their thoughts and insights online; the site’s recap format may [...]

Influencer-driven content marketing can be a marketer’s best friend – it’s a strategy aimed at fostering credibility, influence and, ultimately, action. According to content marketing expert Lee Odden: “By incorporating relevant influencers that can inspire action with your content marketing efforts, you can reach new audiences with brand messages that are credible and trusted.” Yet [...]

Now that we’ve moved beyond the shenanigans of April Fools’ Day, we can focus on something more important to digital marketing: poetry! April is National Poetry Month! To mark the start of this 30-day celebration of rhyme, rhythm and verse, here’s a poem about what marketing and PR philosophies ought to look like. Your PR plan [...]

Many brands that have invested in content marketing over the last few years took a strictly owned media approach. They created copious amounts of content and published it on their own websites via a blog or something similar. After that they used their own social channels to broadcast the content. Five years ago, that type [...]

Google+ boasts more than a billion and a half accounts, but that’s no reason to think G+ is a social media network you should engage in. As Megan pointed out in her last post, Google+ can help search rankings—but why rely on that?  Although it may seem easy to confuse your lack of activity on [...]