Many brands that have invested in content marketing over the last few years took a strictly owned media approach. They created copious amounts of content and published it on their own websites via a blog or something similar. After that they used their own social channels to broadcast the content. Five years ago, that type [...]

Google+ boasts more than a billion and a half accounts, but that’s no reason to think G+ is a social media network you should engage in. As Megan pointed out in her last post, Google+ can help search rankings—but why rely on that?  Although it may seem easy to confuse your lack of activity on [...]

Today’s the day that many of us will forget to keep our guard up while friends, co-workers and even family prepare their next big pranks on each other. In recent years, brands have joined in on the fun, hoping to momentarily deceive followers and customers into believing their absurd and often hilarious new product or [...]

On January 20, Google’s Matt Cutts went public on his personal blog with the confirmation of a long-foreseen omen for internet marketers—the decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO. “Guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy,” Cutts proclaimed as the dismal wails of SEOs could be heard far in the digital distance. [...]

It’s not surprising to find that the broad task assignments and fast-paced nature of agency work has groomed social media experts to prosper on the job. But can experience at an agency enrich the skill set of any person in marketing and business? Here are three reasons why signs point to “yes”.

Over the course of history, there have certainly been some pathetic attempts to make money by creating new advertising schemes. But since the advent of the Internet, these gimmicks have flourished and increased tenfold. What used to be an industry limited to transparent propaganda, boastful bandwagon claims and easily avoidable incentives has become a completely [...]