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The Inbound Wrap-Up is our weekly list of articles in the inbound marketing world you should be reading.

Week Ending December 6, 2013:

11 » Twitter Will Now Show You Ads Based on Your Browsing History »
Twitter announced this week that brands may now target ads based on a users browsing history. This feature has proven to be very valuable for Facebook marketers so many are excited about the news. Find out more about it and how to get set up in this coverage from Mashable.

22 » The 2014 Brand Playbook for Social »
As the year comes to a close, so do many outdated marketing tactics. If fake ‘real-time’ marketing and Facebook apps are out, what’s next for marketers? Here’s a list of activities that are out and what tactics are in for 2014.

33 » 3 Marketing Terms That Should Die A Hot And Fiery Death In 2014 »
Buzzwords seem to fuel almost every piece of content that B2B marketers produce. While many are accurate representations of what they’re trying to express, marketers tend to overuse those words to the point that readers cringe at the first sight. Here are three of those terms that need to die in 2014.

44 » The Tribe Or The Person? »
Do you use content to go for a personal connection, or do you aim for an entire audience? You might answer, “why not both?” but it’s much more complicated than that.

55 » 5 Ways to Create More Strategic Content in 2014 »
As we approach a new year, content creation will still be a focus and marketers will be expected to go above and beyond what they have done in the last year. Here are five new creative ways you can create more content.

66 » What Makes Good Copywriting? 6 Characteristics of Top-Notch Copy »
With so much content out there flooding the web, it’s no longer acceptable for marketers to have sub-par writing. The art of good copy is much harder than it looks. Here are six characteristics you should embrace to make your writing better.

77 » The 7 Steps of the Inbound Marketing Campaign Process »
If you’re reading this wrap-up, you likely have a good idea of what inbound marketing is all about but do you have a strategic strategy in place to utilize it? Here is a 7-step process you should follow for flawless inbound marketing campaigns.

88 » Why Your Facebook Page’s Organic Reach Will Decline »
If you’re in charge of managing your brand’s Facebook page, you may have noticed a sharp decline in the organic reach of your posts this week. That’s because Facebook made changes to their news feed algorithm – once again! Find out what you need to do to continue reaching your community on this social platform.

99 » What Do Google Answers Mean for Content Creators? »
Have you wondered how Google Answers may effect your organic web traffic? This new search feature could harm your lead generation efforts. The post explains what marketers need to do now to keep attracting new leads.

1010 » The Don’ts of Social Media »
Social media can be tough for some marketers to master. By the time they start utilizing popular trends, the fad has passed and followers are numb to their tactics. Here are a list of definite do nots when engaging in social media.

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Emily Bailey

Emily Bailey

Marketing Coordinator at DigitalRelevance
Emily Bailey is the Marketing Coordinator & Social Media Manager at DigitalRelevance.
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey

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