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The Inbound Wrap-Up is our weekly list of articles in the inbound marketing world you should be reading.

Week Ending December 13, 2013:

11 » With Private Messaging, Instagram and Twitter Continue Their Arms Race »
Instagram announced private messaging yesterday. Users may now send photos and videos privately. With each new update, Twitter and Instagram are becoming more and more alike. What impact will this have on where your audience spends their time?

22 » Pivot Your Content Mindset: From Marketing to Distribution [Infographic] »
Content marketing is more than just producing quality content on a consistent basis. Distribution plays a major role in the success of your content. Find out how content marketing has changed and what marketers should be doing now in this infogrpahic.

33 » Google’s Matt Cutts Agrees, Guest Blogging Is Getting Out Of Hand »
If guest blogging provides an effective way for marketers to earn links and traffic, then guest blogging they will do to the point that it is no longer authentic. Google is catching on to guest bloggers that are straddling the line between useful marketing and spam. Find out what you need to know to remain in Google’s good graces the next time you guest blog.

44 » Why These 4 Brilliant Image Focused Tweets Spread Like Wildfire »
Ever since Twitter began showing images in its feed, social media managers have noticed a big increase in engagement. Here are four image tweets that can inspire your next Twitter campaign.

55 » Why You Should Separate Data From Your Story »
Want a surefire way to bore your readers away from your website? Keep talking about all that data! This is how you should present data to your readers.

66 » 14 Places To Look For Blogging Inspiration When Writer’s Block Strikes »
Every blogger has found himself in a blogging rut. It can be difficult finding inspiration that will take you out of it. Here are 14 unique ways to get your writing back on track.

77 » Best LinkedIn Company Pages 2013 »
LinkedIn has proven to be an effective platform for B2B brands. Is your company page making the most of it? Here are the best company pages of 2013.

88 » Gmail Will Never Ask You to ‘Display Images Below’ Again »
Gmail is taking away the prompt for users to click to display images in emails. Images will now load automatically – which is welcome news for email marketers. Find out why Gmail is taking this away and how this will effect your email efforts.

99 » Grammar Counts on Social Media. Who Woulda Thunk? »
Social media management takes a lot more work than most people realize. On top of being organized and timely, marketers need to be sure they are sharing the right message and that the message is flawless. Followers may not be as forgiving as you thought when it comes to grammar.

1010 » Want to Get More Leads? Stop Making These 12 Landing Page Mistakes »
Once you’ve tackled attracting visits to your site, you need to entice those visitors to take the next step – fill out a form. If you’re getting several lots of traffic to your landing pages but are disappointed in the conversions, you may be making one of these 12 mistakes.

What other articles did you find valuable this week? Comment below to let us know!

Emily Bailey

Emily Bailey

Marketing Coordinator at DigitalRelevance
Emily Bailey is the Marketing Coordinator & Social Media Manager at DigitalRelevance.
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey

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