Video communications have become an integral part of modern life – whether it’s conferencing with business partners or chatting with family members who live 1,000 miles away. Apple has contributed to the surge in Wi-Fi enabled video communications with FaceTime for iPhone and iPad, but many other companies have contributed to the spike in video. For a [...]

Video is the name of the game for YouTube, which has become wildly popular in its eight-year existence. People all over the world combine for billions of views each day – making YouTube one of the most high-traffic sites on the internet. The video sharing site has become an important element of Google, which acquired YouTube [...]

On February 4th, YouTube announced a new Channel design. Though it is currently in limited beta, the new design will soon be available to all users. YouTube Channel design refreshes are nothing new – and typically frequent. However, this update includes the addition of two significant features that were previously unavailable. Here’s the lowdown.

According to the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends research report by the Content Marketing Institute, 58% of B2B marketers rate videos as the most effective content marketing tactic. In fact, use of video has risen from 52% in 2011 to 70% in 2012. If video marketing is something new you would like to pursue, [...]