It’s not surprising to find that the broad task assignments and fast-paced nature of agency work has groomed social media experts to prosper on the job. But can experience at an agency enrich the skill set of any person in marketing and business? Here are three reasons why signs point to “yes”.

Despite suggestions that press releases have died, they remain a common practice, much to the annoyance of some marketers. With the rise of digital distribution services, it’s become easy to share them quickly and on a massive scale – giving rise to lazy promotional efforts and failed connections.  Press releases can no longer be considered [...]

Many bloggers are already finding it hard to keep up with the ever-growing amount of content available on the Web. Often, the idea well can simply run dry—especially if you spend a lot of time reading articles online. You may come to the conclusion that everything that could be said about a subject has already [...]

As the saying goes, it’s important find the right tool for the job. Whether it’s a snow shovel during the Polar Vortex or Hubspot for capturing and nurturing your inbound leads, every situation has an ideal tool for your task. As a content promoter, the list of these tools gets longer every day — but sometimes, the [...]

Wouldn’t it have been nice if time management and productivity were 400-level courses you could have signed up for during your senior year of business school? How cool would it have been to practice dealing with the ongoing stress of balancing work and personal life through a piece of simulation software as part of your [...]

The main principals of public relations have remained the same for years; but like everything else in life, some elements are evolving. Attention spans are getting shorter, so sending out overly detailed PR pitches isn’t going to cut it anymore. Being a long-winded person myself, I learned the hard way.

Every PR professional has an arsenal of digital tools she uses to stay on top of the news, connect with journalists, identify social influencers, research media outlets and track media coverage results. While you may know of many PR-specific tools for press releases and editorial contacts, there are several free tools flying under the radar that can [...]

As lifelong students of marketing, we’ve subscribed to Steve Jobs’ advice from his 2005 Stanford commencement speech: “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Because we’ve done our due diligence, we know that achieving organic search rankings comes only from hard work and persistence. We know that a winning search strategy involves more than just compelling content in combination with an earned [...]