Tomorrow night is the season finale of ABC’s hit political drama “Scandal,” and Twitter can’t wait for 10 p.m. to roll around. The show boasts a social media strategy that challenges us to think about how we integrate media platforms and create a niche, engaged community. According to Nielsen’s Twitter TV rankings, last week’s episode of [...]

Influencer-driven content marketing can be a marketer’s best friend – it’s a strategy aimed at fostering credibility, influence and, ultimately, action. According to content marketing expert Lee Odden: “By incorporating relevant influencers that can inspire action with your content marketing efforts, you can reach new audiences with brand messages that are credible and trusted.” Yet [...]

Many brands that have invested in content marketing over the last few years took a strictly owned media approach. They created copious amounts of content and published it on their own websites via a blog or something similar. After that they used their own social channels to broadcast the content. Five years ago, that type [...]

It’s not surprising to find that the broad task assignments and fast-paced nature of agency work has groomed social media experts to prosper on the job. But can experience at an agency enrich the skill set of any person in marketing and business? Here are three reasons why signs point to “yes”.

Crafting the perfect pitch is a fundamental skill for PR professionals. Create a message, tailor it to your audience, and include a call-to-action. Whether your audience is made up of journalists, website owners or fellow PR professionals, they receive dozens of e-mail pitches a day. To make your pitch stand out, take a page from [...]

It’s easy for a lot of Internet users to write off Google+: it’s another social platform for sharing in a world in which we already have plenty of ways to share. We have Facebook for pictures of our dogs; Twitter for news; LinkedIn for networking; Instagram for more pictures of our dogs and Vine, Pinterest, [...]

Google launched the Hummingbird update sometime last August, but SEOs, online writers and editors and search professionals everywhere are still trying to figure out what it means for their daily work lives. Google is (as usual) rather tight-lipped about specifics, but through public talks and blog posts, it has revealed some interesting information about how [...]

Early Tuesday morning, President Obama appeared in the newest episode of Between Two Ferns on A comedic interview series hosted by Zach Galifianakis, Between Two Ferns places celebrities in prickly situations by peppering them with intrusive questions while they literally sit in between two potted fern plants. A major PR gamble for the President, [...]