In my previous post, we explored how Slingshot SEO’s Research and Development department came into being, as well as peered inside the personalities and backgrounds of the three members that make up the team.

You are in for a holiday treat over the next couple of weeks as I introduce our Slingshot SEO Research and Development department and its always unflappable head Mr. Evan Fishkin. When most people think of a technology-related company R&D department, the names Apple, Cisco, Qualcomm and others come to mind. They may have more [...]

As a continuation of my post “The Many Hats of an SEO,” I will be writing periodic posts about different positions in our company. These posts will describe why these positions are necessary for SEO success – giving people outside of the SEO industry more insight into how we operate.

In last week’s post, we peeked into one of Slingshot SEO’s leadership development processes — the quarterly feedback session. I also introduced Alston, my new friend, who is now back in his home country of Africa attending two universities to achieve double majors. He’s doing all that while continuing his participation in the YMCA of [...]

One of the biggest joys of being a business and community leader is helping new leaders develop. Pride is not a strong enough word to express the feeling one receives watching a former protégée emerge as a new manager, director, VP or even a president within an organization. Over the years, I have lost count [...]

During the last 26 years of my business career, I was closely associated with the non-profit world.   Within that environment there exists several well-known governing bodies and associations, and I had the privilege to serve on the boards of most of those groups. I chose to continue serving on one particular board because the work [...]

Last week we explored how an increase in communication can enhance any organization’s culture. Our exploration continues this week with me first touting one of the most appreciated perks at Slingshot SEO, something that adds quite a bit to our daily culture–our four-day work week! Yes, an exclamation mark because virtually every employee adds such [...]

My tenure at Slingshot SEO has now surpassed the one-month mark in time. To say the least, the pace has been slightly below unbelievable! In a typical week, we add one to two new employees, further expand our close relationships with several customers, sign contracts with a few well-known brand customers and solve more growth-related [...]

Last week, I traveled to the Southeast portion of the United States to visit customers and prospects of Slingshot SEO.  To say the least, the fast-paced two-day schedule was both gratifying and rewarding in so many ways. Travel Tales First of all, it’s hard to adequately describe all the stories about how the work of [...]

The Experience: My second week at Slingshot SEO began with a three-and-a-half day onboarding experience, affectionately referred to as Slingshot SEO Boot Camp. After experiencing it first-hand, I can honestly say I believe any one of the branches of our armed services would be proud of this boot camp if for no other reason than [...]