On October 29th, Alistair Barr of USA Today published an article publicizing Google’s recent announcement of a 58 percent jump in users. Google’s head of social, Vic Gundotra, announced some very big growth in user metrics that could make many believe that Google+ might be knocking on Facebook’s door soon—and that proclamation sounds almost too [...]

Few industries have been as dynamic as SEO in the past decade – and it’s no secret this ecosystem has been evolving, largely due to Google’s regular search algorithm updates. It can be a headache staying current with trends and the most effective practices in the industry, so we have developed The Evolution of SEO [...]

Google announced way back in September 2009 that meta descriptions would no longer figure into its search algorithms. Black hat and gray hat web designers had been abusing these meta tags for years to grab search results for more keywords than they rightfully deserved, and so Google, recognizing that these tags couldn’t be relied upon [...]

The era of traditional SEO is waning, tried and true tactics are becoming less effective, and Google is getting smarter and smarter about penalizing black hat tactics every day.  What’s a marketer to do? The era of digital marketing is here, and with it comes a strategy to keep the SEO nightmares at bay, and [...]

So, your company is creating great content, but what’s the best way to get it in front of your audience? We’re often asked about content placement, which can be as important – if not more important – than the content itself, especially if you invest a lot of time in resources in creating that content in [...]

The classical art form of link building has been around for several years now and, unfortunately, it’s getting a bad rap. Most people in the game started out simply building links on blog comments or in forums to boost SEO ratings, but Google wised up. Each update forced links and content published on behalf of [...]

July brought some interesting changes to the SEO world – as well as some heartburn to the numerous recipients of the webmaster tools link warnings. Here’s a quick rundown of the most notable industry updates from the past month: