Over the course of history, there have certainly been some pathetic attempts to make money by creating new advertising schemes. But since the advent of the Internet, these gimmicks have flourished and increased tenfold. What used to be an industry limited to transparent propaganda, boastful bandwagon claims and easily avoidable incentives has become a completely [...]

Although it’s now common for digital marketers to work on perfecting their methods for media like television and journalism, the real future of marketing may depend on the machine more than the medium or message. With emerging technologies like wearable tech, marketers could have the opportunity to engage with new and current audiences in ways [...]

A few weeks ago, Phil Golobish wrote “The 2014 Professional Services Maturity Model Benchmark.” It was an article that breaks down the results of an annual survey of professional service organizations conducted by Service Performance Insights. The target audience for its results is managers, directors and executives at service companies that wish to grow.

On March 27, Taco Bell will unleash its new breakfast menu in all of its 5,500 locations nationwide. With the largest menu expansion in the company’s 50-year history, the Mexican-inspired fast food chain will take a direct shot at the $50 billion limited-service breakfast market that has long been dominated by McDonald’s. With a big [...]

For those who can stomach blissfully ignorant confidence, arrogance and narcissism, HBO’s Eastbound and Down, featuring Danny McBride as Kenny Powers, is a tear-jerking riot. The show features Kenny as a burnt-out major league pitcher who returns to his hometown and becomes a gym teacher, among other things, and hilarity ensues. Kenny fears no one [...]