News of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update has generated buzz all over the Internet, and  eager content marketers are already trying their best to plan and adapt for the latest update. And just like any other Google algorithm update, Hummingbird has brought on many changes that have marketers wondering if their own content marketing strategies might [...]

The big buzz among agencies lately is that PR and SEO are changing directions and hitting each other head on. You’ve probably read a lot about how SEO is dead (again), and how Google killed the PR agency. Sides are forming and the battle to be the lasting agency has begun with articles popping up [...]

“Our friend, Mr. SEO Keyword Phrase, was a great man. Well, not really a man, but a nebulous term used to describe the words people typed into tiny search bars to find what they needed. Somewhere around September 23rd, 2013, our dear friend, Mr. Keyword, was tragically killed in a hit-and-run accident by the mighty [...]

A phrase originally coined by Google’s PR team has been spreading across the Internet like a virus: “Just create great content.”  Google and other Internet advertising giants have been persistently trying to make content marketers believe that the key to Internet marketing success is “just” creating great content. 

Few industries have been as dynamic as SEO in the past decade – and it’s no secret this ecosystem has been evolving, largely due to Google’s regular search algorithm updates. It can be a headache staying current with trends and the most effective practices in the industry, so we have developed The Evolution of SEO [...]