Spring has officially sprung and for most areas around the country, agreeable weather will greet us this Easter weekend. That means lots of egg hunts, picnics, brunches and parties for people of all ages. Regardless of how your customers celebrate the holiday, many of them will be using social media throughout the weekend—and that offers [...]

If you’re one of the nearly 650 million active members of the Twitter community, you have almost certainly wondered how to get more followers. Unfortunately, though, many commonly accepted methods for attracting new followers involve a great deal of persistence and some spammy practices.

It’s easy for a lot of Internet users to write off Google+: it’s another social platform for sharing in a world in which we already have plenty of ways to share. We have Facebook for pictures of our dogs; Twitter for news; LinkedIn for networking; Instagram for more pictures of our dogs and Vine, Pinterest, [...]

The “nonstyle” of #normcore has emerged fully formed on social media, courtesy of a article about the phenomenon, and brands are trying to figure out whether or not it should be A Thing. Simply put, normcore is a fashion aesthetic that favors a “self-aware, stylized blandness.” Can middle-of-the-road brands use it to sell more mom jeans and sensible [...]

In the wake of National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, many of us are shamefully looking at the empty Thin Mint boxes sitting on our counter. Some may already be returning to our original cookie source, asking (for a friend) if they still have cookies available. But we’re not just hooked on the cookies: we’re hooked [...]

As marketers, we’ve spent the past two years harping on how important content marketing is to the success of your brand and your website. But we’ve failed to bring much attention to the dirty little secret lurking in the shadows: paid promotion. While this type of tactic is far from new, it’s gaining more traction [...]

Almost one year ago, popular news magazine Newsweek published what was touted as its final print issue. Newsweek’s recently departed editor, Tina Brown, cited cost as just one reason to abandon the physical edition of the publication. Other magazines have been successfully making the move to digital for years—not only to keep production costs down, [...]

Today’s family-and-food fest will end early for thousands of retail workers: stores like Walmart, Kohl’s and Macy’s plan special Thanksgiving Day hours for shoppers eager to cut down on family togetherness and get a head start on Black Friday deals. But one retailer’s mission to capture what’s arguably the most tedious part of holiday shopping [...]