If you work in online marketing, no doubt you and your colleagues have been frustrated by Google’s constant changes to its algorithm. Google surely keeps us on our toes, but it’s not doing anything that hasn’t been done for over 300 years in media and publishing. They’re just looking out for their users…or, I should [...]

Many colleges and universities are still relying primarily on outbound marketing techniques such as telemarketing and direct mail in order to generate alumni donations. At the same time, those institutions are sitting on a potential content marketing goldmine. The built-in network of current students, alumni, administrators, and professors could be leveraged to author expert content. [...]

When free broadcast television was much more relevant, programs from The Ed Sullivan Show to The Cosby Show and from M*A*S*H to Seinfeld had massive audiences. But there was a late night talk show whose host actually built a comedy community without the Internet: NBC’s The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. If you were a comedian or simply appreciated humor, you were in.