While it’s no secret that referral traffic tends to convert better than direct, search and social, many marketers still pour thousands of dollars into interruption-based advertising and yesterday’s SEO tactics, hoping to generate a return. Earned media represents an effective alternative, not only because it focuses on driving referral traffic, but does so in a way [...]

Last week, Google+ users started noticing an additional option in their “Contributor to” section: a past or current contributor drop-down. As of today, the option appears to be global. The “Contributor to” section is a requirement to establishing Google Authorship. Here, authors can list which blogs they contribute to. Now, authors can differentiate between blogs [...]

AuthorRank isn’t here yet, but there’s no reason to believe that it won’t be a significant ranking factor sometime in the future. Members of Google’s top brass have signified that it is coming down the pipeline, and that publishers should prepare. Eric Schmidt himself has said that “the trust cost of remaining anonymous … might [...]

It’s April, the second quarter has begun, and spring is here! Springtime isn’t just a great time to put your winter clothes away and clean your a garage. It’s also a great time to review and refresh all of your social media channels, especially if you haven’t reviewed them since after the holidays. Here’s a [...]

Everyone knows that blog posts are a great way to drive traffic and assist in converting website visitors. The struggle for most marketers is finding the time, manpower and ideas to publish helpful and entertaining blog posts on a consistent basis. Imagine if you had a repeatable schedule and bank of ideas that allowed you [...]

What used to be an age-old question – “should we gate this content?” – is barely given a moment of thought today, as businesses everywhere are clamoring to create and gate as much content as possible in order to capture website leads. Not only is this newfound excitement over content marketing leading to a lot [...]

It’s no secret that social sharing buttons are a great way to increase the distribution and promotion of blog content through social media networks. Plugins and third-party tools like Digg Digg, AddThis, Get Social and ShareThis are great for a fast, out-of-the-box solution for implementing social sharing buttons on your blog. However, they may not [...]

The golden age of copywriting may very well have occurred in the 1960′s, when scotch-fueled, skinny-tied mad men labored for hours over a typewriter in order to craft the perfect five-word slogan. At the dawn of the online era, copywriting’s persuasive and artful virtues were cast aside in favor of keyword stuffing and web scraping, which did [...]