No matter how grandiose or groundbreaking your branded content is, that doesn’t necessarily mean anyone’s going to read it. In fact, many of the 347 blog posts that get published each minute on the Internet don’t reach their full potential because they lack an adequate promotion strategy. Promoting content with earned and paid media strategies can give [...]

A phrase originally coined by Google’s PR team has been spreading across the Internet like a virus: “Just create great content.”  Google and other Internet advertising giants have been persistently trying to make content marketers believe that the key to Internet marketing success is “just” creating great content. 

You likely hear this question every time you make a customer service call or order a meal, but how often do you ask this question as a marketer? Within this simple question lies the five core components of today’s most successful Internet marketing campaigns that are making companies the hot topics of their industries.

Hundreds of thousands of companies around the globe have started digital community building initiatives by asking staff members to blog and participate in social media. This can be a win/win for companies and their employees, as blogging can help develop a company’s brand, along with the personal brands of its employees.

It’s been hard this month to avoid television specials warning of ominous prophesies foretelling a coming end of days, most notably the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21st, 2012. After watching one or two (or…five) of these “documentaries,” it’s clear that although these cultures weren’t prophesying the end of the world: They were [...]

I remember learning about commodities in my college econ class at Indiana University. I learned that a commodity is a tangible good that’s defined to the point of standardization, is fungible and has an established and agreed upon market value. A classic commodity is a barrel of oil: When you buy a barrel of oil [...]

Content marketing is today’s “it” marketing strategy—as it should be. Thanks to some tweaks by Google and the rise of the social web, we believe content marketing is now the most powerful form of Internet marketing that’s ever existed. When done right, it drives unprecedented inbound traffic from search, social media, and the blogosphere aimed [...]

Lately Google has seemed a little scary and all-powerful to Internet marketers, especially those who consider themselves organic or inbound marketers. The search engine is often viewed as an emotionless machine that can make or break your rankings with one line of code. I’ve heard it compared to the mafia and, my favorite, the evil [...]

If you’re in the marketing department of a public company and your company doesn’t rank on the first page of Google organically for the products and services you market, you’re either pursuing the wrong SEO strategy or not pursuing any strategy at all.  You may just assume that someday Google will wake up and place [...]