Overheard in the editorial department (2012): “Hey Jody, can you edit this real quick?” “Real quick?” “Yeah, I gotta get it to the client in like 30 minutes.” “How long is it?” “Like 20 pages.” I don’t know how we got into the mindset of thinking of quality like it was some sweet topping that [...]

Confession: I joined a chapter of Toastmasters a year ago in order to improve my punctuality. Routine and schedules drive me insane, yet I understand the need for those kinds of things in business, so I figured the rigidity of Toastmasters meetings would help me practice being punctual. I still struggle with it. I didn’t [...]

SEO can often have that which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg feel. In general, SEO is a concept that’s difficult to understand. You can’t touch it. SEO practices change. There are few hard and fast rules, few classes, and few experts on the matter. Often it’s a struggle to even explain it, even when you’re an SEO professional. So, how [...]

One of my go-to phrases is “language is squishy.” The writer part of me loves that language changes, and digs the freedom to use words like grrl and veepees in blog posts because, well, they are blog posts. And those are fun words. Even Scrabble is accommodating these new words born from the belly of [...]