Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a Slingshot SEO client meeting in which our CLASS analysis report was being presented to a client. After the usual pleasant greetings and musings about current events in the world of marketing, the lights were dimmed, the projector was focused and more than 90 minutes of outstanding intellectual [...]

For the first time in the history of Slingshot SEO, we actually locked the doors in the middle of a work day, turned on voice mail and assembled all of our local employees for a special event off site. Those actions alone heightened the staff’s anticipation of what was to come.

One of the more experienced team members here at Slingshot SEO slid by my office on the second day of 2012 and asked how many times had I put together a new plan and budget for a coming business year. This caused me to reflect a moment on my first sales position under Joe Beers [...]

In my previous post, we explored how Slingshot SEO’s Research and Development department came into being, as well as peered inside the personalities and backgrounds of the three members that make up the team.

You are in for a holiday treat over the next couple of weeks as I introduce our Slingshot SEO Research and Development department and its always unflappable head Mr. Evan Fishkin. When most people think of a technology-related company R&D department, the names Apple, Cisco, Qualcomm and others come to mind. They may have more [...]

All of you who have been keeping up with my blog during the past several months have learned quite a bit about the inner workings of Slingshot SEO. Today we are going to hone in on one of my favorite topics to discuss with our leadership team. In fact, if you ask them, they would [...]

In a few of my previous posts,I described our monthly company gatherings as one of Slingshot SEO’s central communication vehicles. Obviously, it should be since we have everyone gathered to hear about what’s going on in the company. However, many business-related company meetings tend to destroy employees’ thirst for knowledge — boring them to the [...]