Ever notice how the next generation is better at using the technology of their day than the previous generation? I don’t watch cable TV, but my dad does. I’ve tried to teach him how to use Hulu, Netflix, etc., but he resists. It’s not that Hulu and Netflix don’t have the movies he wants to [...]

On October 3rd, Google launched their newest e-commerce targeted project, Google Trusted Stores. The goal of the Google Trusted Stores appears to be providing added confidence to online shopping. Using a scorecard and Trusted Store logo, Google is hoping to provide users with an easy way to identify those online retailers that will “offer a great [...]

On Wednesday, August 31st, Google Webmaster Central announced a major change to their classification of internal and external links. Previously, any link from a sub-domain (i.e. was considered an external link; as if it came from an external domain (i.e. With the new changes, sub-domain and root domain links will be shown as [...]

Multi Channel attribution is the Holy Grail of analytics. Fortunately it’s more like the Indiana Jones version than the Da Vinci Code version. The new Multi-Channel attribution features give Google Analytics users a more complete understanding of the conversion process. Before, Google Analytics attributed all conversions to the last referring source.

It is with great joy that I make my first post to this esteemed blog. I’ve been reading the works of the Slingshot SEO team for decades (blatant lie) and it is my great pleasure to join them in their Quest for the Holy Grail (Disclaimer: The Holy Grail referred to here is in no [...]