Whenever the discussion turns to content, I hear more and more marketers complain, “no one is reading my content.” Sometimes it feels like that next blog post—or worse, that next ebook, video or other high-dollar piece of content where you’ve got to prove ROI—is a crapshoot.

The final week of September must’ve felt like the perfect storm for SEOs and marketers, with the news of a major Google algorithm update, Hummingbird, following quickly on the tail of the 100 percent “not provided” keyword reality news. But savvy marketers and SEOs need not worry—we’ve collected some thoughts from the experts’ experts. Here’s [...]

Understanding your audience means a lot more than knowing why they read your content and why they select your solution—it also means understanding what they love about your competitors, and why they buy from them too. With the right digital research process, you can unlock what works for your competitors and start making it work [...]

“Our friend, Mr. SEO Keyword Phrase, was a great man. Well, not really a man, but a nebulous term used to describe the words people typed into tiny search bars to find what they needed. Somewhere around September 23rd, 2013, our dear friend, Mr. Keyword, was tragically killed in a hit-and-run accident by the mighty [...]

A marketing staff is only as good as its ability to bring in business and justify its budget. The best Chief Marketing Officers and Directors of Marketing know that proving ROI is the bottom line. And yet marketers keep making the same mistakes. Here are three digital marketing blunders that you can’t afford— and how [...]