Tectonic shifts in marketing continue to occur as more companies embrace inbound. A recent example is the rebranding of SEOmoz to simply “Moz” as the company broadens its focus to an inbound approach after nearly a decade of thought leadership in SEO.

When you think of industry in Indiana, you might think of agriculture or manufacturing – but the word “tech” probably doesn’t come to mind. That’s because Indiana has historically been considered a flyover zone for people traveling to tech companies on the coasts.

Credit cards have served for many years as the convenient alternative to cash. Sometimes, however, we realize we’re going to need cash for a particular outing, in some cases because a small business that doesn’t take credit. Perhaps this reluctance won’t always be the case.

Survivors like Lycos have lived to tell the tale of their place in the early days of Search. While Ask Jeeves survived by shifting over time to focus on Q&A, Lycos has evolved over the years into a network of community and social sites.

Ten years ago, Ask Jeeves was the friendly butler – the genteel gentleman who served up search results when you looked for information online. Today the site’s progeny,, competes in the hot question-and-answer space, propelled by an advertising blitz that includes movie theater commercials.

Never again would the automotive world – or manufacturing as a whole – be the same after Henry Ford brought forth his signature stroke of genius: the assembly line. Instead of handcrafted automobiles, Ford Motor Company could now mass produce vehicles by adding parts in a mechanized sequence that sped up the process exponentially. Ford’s [...]

Marketing continues to change before our eyes as more early adopters shift to an inbound marketing approach. Today’s marketers face a variety of challenges such as limited resources, tight budgets and difficult in proving return on investment. As the modern marketing department continues to evolve, how can you keep up with the latest trends? One way is to [...]