Many brands that have invested in content marketing over the last few years took a strictly owned media approach. They created copious amounts of content and published it on their own websites via a blog or something similar. After that they used their own social channels to broadcast the content. Five years ago, that type [...]

Content marketers from around the world are trying to get you to subscribe to their blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts. Not this marketer. This marketer is doing the complete opposite: convincing you to unsubscribe or not subscribe at all. In fact, below are 20 reasons why you shouldn’t subscribe to our blog. It’s a reverse [...]

For those who can stomach blissfully ignorant confidence, arrogance and narcissism, HBO’s Eastbound and Down, featuring Danny McBride as Kenny Powers, is a tear-jerking riot. The show features Kenny as a burnt-out major league pitcher who returns to his hometown and becomes a gym teacher, among other things, and hilarity ensues. Kenny fears no one [...]

In May of last year I wrote, “Why LinkedIn Just Got Less Appealing,” to voice the displeasure of myself and many others regarding LinkedIn Today’s (now called Pulse) abrupt content curation algorithm change. Prior to the eighth of that month it would curate the best mainstream, niche and original content in predefined categories to be [...]