The sales process is a completely different experience these days and a hard sell rarely, if ever, works effectively. Moving prospects through the sales funnel requires a longer–but more effective–process, during which you must educate  your customers and solve their problems. So, instead of viewing sales as a simple transaction, approach your marketing funnel activities [...]

Tony Hsieh blew over $100 million making mistakes in the hiring process at Zappos Inc. With employee training and investment costs so high these days, it’s more important than ever to hire slow and fire fast. This is a difficult position to maintain, since the pressure is usually high to fill a position as quickly as possible. Here are [...]

What a multi-screen world we live in! We might watch a basketball game or shop online with our smartphones while checking our email or playing a game on our tablets. Not only are people moving between multiple screens on smartphones, tablets, computers and television, but we are also using multiple screens simultaneously to accomplish tasks. These actions describe the [...]

At its core, marketing is the business of telling stories. People are moved more by stories than by logic–and it’s important that they can identify with your narrative. Translate the value of your business into a compelling narrative, and you’ll connect with your target market in a more meaningful way.

Google Analytics (GA) recently announced the creation of a new feature called the Cost Data Import Tool. The idea behind this tool is pretty easy to understand: you manually import costs related to the online advertising channels that you track through GA, and then you’ll be able to subtract this cost from the revenue that’s [...]

Robert Cialdini’s best selling book Influence outlines seven basic principles behind the psychology of persuasion. One of my favorite heuristics outlined by Cialdini is the principle of “Social Proof.” The most classic example of social proof is the sitcom laugh track. The fact is that nobody likes canned laughter, yet adding a laugh track to a sitcom cues up [...]

Facebook’s constant UI improvements are now taking on brand pages with a facelift. Gone is the binary functionality of the simple Like button on brand pages; instead, it’s been updated and strengthened with additional user choices. Upon liking a brand, users can now choose to receive notifications or add the brand to an interest list. [...]