When employing a social media strategy, it is important to set measurable goals that support your marketing goals as a whole. In this week’s Ask An SEO Expert feature, our guest presenter, Muhammad Yasin, Director of Marketing at HCC Medical Insurance Services, offers advice on how you should define and measure these goals.

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ASK An SEO ExpertThe question is, what goals and metrics do I use to measure my social media efforts?

Short answer before you get into this, is it very much depends on you as a company and what your marketing goals are overall. The goals that you have for social media programs should not be independent of what your overall marketing goals are. Rather they should be based on supporting those marketing goals that you have as an organization.

So this may be different. It may be pure brand awareness. It maybe lead generation. It maybe some other factors that may be particular to you or your industry. However, as a general role there’s three main categories that you wanna set some matrix, and we’ll go through those.

The first one is very similar to what you’d be used to in traditional marketing. Which is the reach of your brand overall. All right, so you’re looking for the reach, you’re looking for mentions; and you’re also looking a little bit at the overall sentiment towards your brand, as well.

The next section, and this is one of the really important ones where you’re looking at e-commerce, is lead generation. So for here, you’re gonna look at some slightly different factors in the brand area. You’re gonna be looking at clicks. All right. How many people did you send to your actual product pages or to your site in general?

You’re gonna be looking at conversions; and in this category you’re gonna be looking at the overall value. That’s something that can be very challenging to determine, but it’s extremely critical once you get your social media operation pages up and running.

Start figuring out for each of these clicks that’s coming to this site from the social channels, how much they’re worth to us, from a lead generation in conversion perspective.

When you’re doing that though, also keep in mind the overall SEO value. Because some of the values of these social media channels may not be purely to the point of converting and purchasing a product. Some of this may be from the SEO value that it gives to your overall site, there by raising the rankings up on all of the pages in your property, right.

So here, you’re gonna be looking at things like links that were generated, right. You are still gonna look at the value of those links that were generated, via the social media channels.

Keep in mind, social media is not just gonna be things like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter. Which it may also have links that appear on blogs or even in news articles as a result of your social media activities. Make sure all those things are captured under the value that you are measuring.


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