Digital-Marketer-GiftsIt’s that time of year, and you may be scrambling for gift ideas for your coworkers or another marketer in your life. Or maybe you’re worried what your in-laws may come up with for you. Have no fear. We put together this list of unique gift ideas for that special someone in your marketing world. Feel free to pass it on as your wishlist.

1 » When I was Your Age The Internet Went Skaweerereet »


Give the gift of nostalgia this year with this tshirt that will remind everyone of the annoying sound they used to endure to get online.

2 » Cord Buddy »


Because if your marketer is anything like me, there is currently a nest of half a dozen cords tangled on the desk.

3 » Mobee Magic Charger for Apple Magic Mouse »


No more hunting for AA batteries! Just don’t buy this for one of those Apple haters.

4 » Crop It Like It’s Hot »


You can never go wrong with a little design humor.

5 » Surge protector/USB adapter »


Perfect compact stocking stuffer for those marketers who are always on the go.

6 » Lord & Taylor TRIPLE C Smartbudz Ear Buds with Mic & Magnet »


In addition to the mic and magnet, the wires are also retractable. No more tangled mess for the marketer on your list!

7 » Touchscreen Gloves »


At $10 and with free shipping, what’s not to love? Or if your favorite marketer is also obnoxious, you could opt for these bluetooth gloves instead.

8 » USB Hub Dog »


Because sometimes you just don’t have enough USB ports to do it all. This gift will also help those in need — a portion of the funds go to supplying books for children who can’t afford their own.

9 » The Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do Print »


Every marketer has their down days, so a little piece of encouragement never hurts!

10 » I Don’t Find Prospects. They Find Me. »


Every inbound marketer’s dream — and reality when inbound marketing is done well.

11 » You Landed Your First Job Kit »


If the marketer on your list just got her first job, then this is the kit she needs to properly accessorize her office space.

12 » Highly Professional Business Cats Calendar »


Because cats.

13 » Bacon Gift Pack »


For that marketer who really values snack time — and bacon.

14 » Portable Ping Pong Set »


Because we all need a reason to step away from our desks and do something fun.

15 » QRapping Paper »


And don’t forget to go all out when wrapping your marketer’s gift! Each QR code takes you to an exclusive Christmas video — over 50 in all to see.

What other gifts do you think are great for marketers? Comment below to let us know!

Emily Bailey

Emily Bailey

Marketing Coordinator at DigitalRelevance
Emily Bailey is the Marketing Coordinator & Social Media Manager at DigitalRelevance.
Emily Bailey
Emily Bailey

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