Is there a place deep in your gut that believes marketing can be much better?

Do you believe the Internet is fundamentally changing the marketing ecosystem in a way that rewards companies that market with thought leadership over slick salesmanship?

When you are forced to watch an ad before your favorite band’s YouTube video, do you shake your head in frustration at the marketers who just don’t get it?

Are you in utter disbelief over the fact that more than 85% of marketing budgets were concentrated on traditional advertising, like direct mail and television?

Then you, my friend, are one of us. You believe what we believe. You’re an inbounder.

Our purpose at digitalrelevanceTM to fix marketing is lofty, and we know we can’t accomplish it on our own. It will take all of us passionate inbound marketers working together, preaching the cold hard numbers in boardrooms time and time again to prove that our movement isn’t just a fad. It’s today’s new marketing reality.

Welcome! We’re glad you’re with us on this journey.