A Letter From Our CEO

Jeremy DearringerGreat marketing is powered by passion. At Slingshot SEO, our sister company and one of the nation’s leading search engine optimization companies, we’ve spent years living this idea out while helping deserving brands find relevance through online marketing. This heritage has taught us how the Internet really works, and it’s with that knowledge that we founded digitalrelevance.TM

Our mission? To earn game-changing online media for our clients.

When we first constructed our earned media campaigns, we were amazed by their uncanny ability to drive top organic search engine rankings. What we soon realized, though, was that when we started crafting link building campaigns more like PR campaigns with professional outreach and stellar content on top sources, amazing and unexpected things started happening. We experienced campaigns that drove a return on investment from referral traffic before search engines even noticed the links existed, among other startling discoveries.

At that point, we were too far down the earned media rabbit hole to turn back. We went on a companywide journey that helped us discover just how powerful earned media can be, and ultimately resulted in the founding of this company, digitalrelevance.

Inbound internet promotion tends to follow a pretty standard pattern: the most helpful content published on online media outlets, communities and blogs drives the greatest amount of social signals and Internet chatter – chatter that, in turn, drives top search engine rankings. This digital chain reaction is the 1-2-3 punch that makes digitalrelevance earned media and digital public relations campaigns the most cost-effective content promotion services that exist.

Today our earned media and digital PR campaigns are engineered to drive highly converting referral traffic in the same quarter they’re executed. They’re also designed to drive long-term traffic by winning over the mechanical hearts of the many algorithms that sit between your customers and your content.

Jeremy Dearringer - Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer